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I have good excuses!

1) I just had finals and graduated college. Like, the day before yesterday.

2) I just moved out of my apartment in NYC. The day before yesterday.

3) I just moved into my parents house in Savannah, GA. Like, three hours ago. My butt, tis numb. I think I might have left it in Roanoke.

4) I have a job interview. Tomorrow afternoon. That was fast.

But I promised Vicki I would review a movie this weekend, and damn it, I could use a mindless spot of blow-em-up entertainment! I’m thinking it’ll be an older (70s or 80s) flick but I haven’t yet decided…you’ll just have to wait on bated breath. (Anyone else think ‘bated breath’ sounds like you haven’t brushed your teeth in weeks? Discuss.)

Thank you Vicki for updating!

– S