About Us

Susana and Vicki created Arterial Spray in 2008 as a celebration of their shared lack of taste, love for action movies, and overflow of bilious spite. Not necessarily in that order. They then proceeded to post regularly for a brief period, and then forget about it entirely for the next few years. This is their attempt at a reboot.

Susana is an illustrator in NY and does fantastic creepy line art which you should most definitely check out at gingerogre.wordpress.com. Vicki is a curmudgeon in CA who recieves sporadic doses of socialization from conventions up and down the West Coast.

Susana and Vicki  share a Mom, who purchased these plushies because they reminded her of her daughters.

A curious resemblance

The week prior in New York, this photo was taken on the subway.


They both agree that if you enjoy their reviews you should leave a comment. Nothing pleases them better than knowing that they have readers as it provides them with the encouragement to toil at the keyboard, spewing forth vitriol disguised as reviews. With your support, no level of preposterousness is an obstacle, no low that cannot be stooped to — then reveled in.

Now on Twitter! @ArterialSprayVS


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