REVIEW: “Star Trek”

Posted: June 17, 2009 by V in Review
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I admit, Star Trek was one of the few bandwagons that I did not board. Sure, I watched Star Trek, never the original but several of the later series, never regularly. Thanks to “Star Trek” of the nondescript name, I am now willing to go back and watch them all today. No spoilers this time,  (that means its good enough for me to go out of my way to avoid ruining it)! -v


drillBest results after recieving gift basket of muffins and stacks of unmarked cash

The problem with a lot of sci-fi is that it is often set in space. And space, as everyone knows, is some expensive stuff. Space doesn’t come cheap, especially if you expect it to look good. So what is one to do with all the time not filled with amazing and expensive graphics? Land based adventures. Rubber monster suits. Drama. Politics. Now, I enjoy these things. Yes, I actually find interstellar politics and backstabbing fairly exhilarating. But thanks to the brilliance of JJ Abrams, audiences no longer have to set the bar as low as I, for space opera has never looked so good. Abrams and his amazing cast have combined all the character driven elements of low-budget sci-fi tv shows with the mind blowing action and visuals that can be provided by the buckets of money Paramount Pictures has been throwing at them (rightly).


I find the beauty of “Star Trek” ultimately lies with the crew. And this isn’t just because the cast is chock full of eye candy and icons of our youth, but because the actors that were found for their parts in this movie truly fit their roles. Each of those roles supporting and enhancing the role of his or her fellow crew member. Even Kirk, as smart, and bold, and as great a scrapper as he is, relies on Spock his crew (and especially Spock) to bolster his awesomeness. A Kirk without Spock would be nothing, but the rest of the crew are fantastic enough in their own right. Who would provide him with material to snark at, be a target of his pompous jauntiness, who would deflate his ego with droll looks, who would guard his back during his moments of impending doom, who would support his seemingly illogical decisions? Who else but his illustrious crew!!??

Who are the members of this crew, you ask?


Final Score: Four point five out of five bullets. The plot was great, the screenwriting was superb, the dialogue snappy, the action seat gripping, the graphics mind blowing, the music epic, the characterization marvelous, the acting magnificent!

I tried really hard to find something not to like about this movie, I saw it twice, thats how hard I tried to find something not to like. The only thing I came up with: “Why is this common mining vessel so massively enormous?”. I’m grasping at straws here, maybe the Romulans build all their space vessels that big, maybe all mining ships are made fantastically humongous. Whatever. This was a fantastically solid film and I can’t wait for the next two. We were promised at least two more.

See this movie if you like sci-fi, space,  humor, in-jokes,  hilarous expressions, perfect timing, impossible situations, seeing the crap beat out of people, explosions, swooping visual effects, excellent character portrayal, enormous ships, cars or motorcycles, swords, fists, guns, aliens, monsters, a simple plot, a complex story, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine,  Sean Penn, hot womens, Leonard Nemoy, independently motile eyebrows…This is only the top of the list. Just go see the movie.

  1. Franny says:

    Action movie quiz! I dunno, I thought it was tough. Don’t look at the comments or you’ll see the answers!

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