Aboard the Failship Forgetfulness

Posted: February 11, 2009 by V in Irrelevant
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Sorry for the long hiatus! This time I actually have no excuse and only one reason: his name is House, M.D. For anyone who dares question the greatness of House there will be punishing blows and ear-rending cries. Let it be known. Do not question the greatness of House.  Moving on.

Two things got me off my ass and moving. One was a text from Susanna (who has also mysteriously disappeared from teh webz), the other, a blog review from Action Flick Chick. Perhaps some of my lethargy was due to the fact that our readers tend to ninja in and out leaving little to no trace of their visit. Please! Leave a comment! It makes us feel read and appreciated. Being read and appreciated makes us happy, and being happy makes us watch more movies and belittle the crap out of them! Its a strange cycle, I know.

During one of our physical visits (that sounds a little like a conjugal visit, doesn’t it?), Susanna mentioned seeing the movie “I Am Legend”. I returned, “I read a book called ‘I Am Legend'”! And thus began horrific conversation in which we discovered one was based on the other. To this day I have not seen the movie, and I believe that Susanna has likewise not read the book. Now, I would like to ask anyone who still keeps up with this blog to provide some input.

Would anyone be interested in the gist of our conversation? I’m sure that we could put something together to public ally display our bewildered confusion develop into horrified discovery? OR

Would anyone be interested in forcing me to watch this movie so that my mind will force my eyes to bleed in denial of the mutilation this story? OR

Would everyone yell at us to get on with reviewing action movies like the blog says we do?

  1. Hey, if my short, short review of your blog helped kicked things into gear again, that’s awesome. I’m glad to hear it.

    Oh, but on the other hand, if you hadn’t been nudged back into action, maybe I could have cornered the market on chicks-reviewing-action-flicks sites.

    Of course, on the third hand (don’t ask me to explain my anatomical mysteries), there are WAY more than enough boys-reviewing-action-flicks sites, and even at a movie a week, I’ll never run out of ideas.

    Best wishses.

  2. Yes, wishses. Sometimes I type with a lishp.

  3. Thorn says:

    Yes! Get on your reviews. And why is there no Dark Knight review yet?!!

    I cannot live without your scathing reviews of this film!!

    Good to have you back

  4. Michael Todd says:

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