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Posted: December 18, 2008 by V in Review
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Yeah, yeah, I’ve been missing for a while, but I have a good reason! I’ve been dodging responsibility, er I mean, traveling, till mmm… about 3 days ago, when I returned home to find a great pile of things that need a good fixin’ that were waiting for me. Therefore, I must be excused for being lax in my duties.

So in honor of my journey, I am here today to discuss “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time”. Okay, it has less to do with my journey than the fact that PoP: SoT was one of the BEST GAMES EVAR (honestly, it was spectacular in balancing all the facets of gameplay, plotline, fighting and puzzles, and character development), and I have a mad crush on the Prince.

Also, I didn’t get to go to Iran.


PoP OpeningSo here we go:

Strike 1: Its being released by Disney.

Strike 2: They cast Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince (OF PERSIA)

Strike 3: Gemma Arterton (BOOOOO) as an “exotic princess”  (See additional note at end)

who was responsible for this?!

who was responsible for this?!

Now, I know for a fact that there are plenty of talented foreign actors and actresses, so why is it that Gyllenhaal and Arterton, brilliant actor(s) (currently giving Arterton the benifit of doubt) but bewilderingly miscast in the roles of the Prince and Farah (or her new movie persona “Tamina”). To be blunt about it, for a movie set in the exotic orient, the cast is too white. Eye searingly white. Why? Why dey do dis?!

It doesn’t help that the director Mike Newell “has an assistant playing the video games to brief him on key details”. This is not a point in Newell’s favor. As that article was printed Nov 07, one can only hope that the director has since played the game himself.

There are however, a few spotty rays of hope:

1. One of the original creators of the game was involved in the script writing.

2. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing (if it had to be a Disney project, at least they gave me this much)

3. These preliminary drawings




Fairly recently, someone snapped shots of Gyllenhaal on set, here he is.


On the positive side, he didn’t turn out as badly as I feared. I still don’t see why they made him bulk upon muscle that much, and I remain staunch in my belief that the world out there holds another talented actor far more suited to the role of the Prince of Persia. (/grumble:  He looks more  like the Prince from Warrior Within (the crappy one))


Softly sardonic, British accented Prince won’t be given his fair due. But I’m going to cross my fingers in desperate hope. Come on, 2010, pleasantly surprise me!

In the meantime, I hear The Transporter 3 is out. Oh yeah. I’m on it.

Aditional Edit 12.20.08:

So I saw Quantum of Solace today, this post isn’t about 007 though, so all of you are spared until next time. Now, armed with the fact that I knew one of the Bond girls was Arterton, I was prepared to pass harsh and most likely horribly biased judgment on the new Bond girl’s replacement Farah’s qualities. Imagine how hopeful I was when the character Cami shows up as primary female interacting with Bond. So I start weighing her up for the part,  she has a sort of feisty air to her, she slams a few faces on a motorboat ride and looked natural doing it, also, she’s pretty hot — so she’s ranking pretty high right up until the point where Agent Fields shows up.

Two Bond womens? Uh oh…and I can’t remember what Aterton looks like. So on to grading the new girl. Well, she’s fairly attractive, with emphasis on FAIR, I’ve seen darker alabaster. And in the movie she…hmm…never moves at anything faster than a sashay and her best action move was waking up a set of stairs and tripping a man. That photo is also very Audrey Hepburn-esque, I like Hepburn, but I wouldn’t ever cast her as the ideal person to play a captured Indian princess teaming up with an enemy to repair the damage done by the Sands of Time.

Despair begins to set in.

  1. febri says:

    i really like u jake….muaaaaachhhhh…

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