Ah, CRAPOLA (thank you Mom, for teaching me that word at age 5…)

Posted: May 19, 2008 by Zee in Uncategorized

Yes, I realize I didn’t watch or review or anything this weekend, and I’m sorry for it. My parents just moved to Savannah, Georgia two or so months ago and I just moved a WEEK ago after 4 years away from home, so this entire weekend was spent cleaning, unpacking, tossing stuff, etc. And, spraining my ankle. Severely. So severely that last night I was unable to put ANY pressure whatsoever on it, I was leaning on a wall and hopping for most of the day, and if my mother wasn’t a former nursing student/school nurse I probably wouldn’t be able to walk at ALL today. (As is– Ace bangages and Aleve are my new best friends. And chardonnay.)

SO– I will do something this week. I promise promise promise! I’m starting my job tomorrow but I WILL carve time out this week and I WILL watch and I WILL review a movie. Swear to God! Even if it’s something I’ve seen before, but I promise the stuff I own is generally so weird you MIGHT not have watched it before.

At the very least, I watched some action-ish TV in the past couple of weeks! (Yes, this sounds pathetic to you, but I have not have TV access in over a year. It’s some exotic medium to me. Moving pictures! On a box! America isz VUNDARFAL!).

– Medical Mysteries and Mystery Diagnosis (it’s a thriller! Really!)

– Big Medicine (graphic surgery footage!)

– The Weather Channel (shuddit! Storm Stories and When Weather Changed History)

– DIRTY JOBS!!!!!!! YESSS!!! Oh, Mike Rowe, how I missed thee! (Vicki, you surely remember those glorious evenings in St. Augustine when the night was young, the moon was high, and there was both a Dirty Jobs AND Mythbusters marathon?)

In totally unrealted news, anyone heard the song “Moon River”? By Johnny Mercer? He’s a Savannah boy, and I crossed Moon River today. Ladies and gents, it is not “wider than a mile”. Nor is it exactly a river. I guess “Moon Marshy Swampland Possibly Wider Than a Half Mile During Flood Season” doesn’t rhyme.

– Susana

(PS: No crap about me/my family living in Georgia, please. We’ve heard it, we’re tired of it. we’re Southern so it’s kinda insulting, and we’ve been trying to move here for 6 years. So, PLEASE. I’ve lived in LA, NYC, Paris, and San Francisco, and yes, I desire to spend the rest of my life in semi-rural Georgia. Read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. That’s Savannah. I love it here.)


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