Zombies, And the Girls Who Love Them

Posted: May 7, 2008 by V in Uncategorized
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Susana, despite her determination to change her subject matter, continues to draw them.
I, despite my attempts at normal conversation, consistently reroute topics to include them.

To see the stimulus for this post, scroll to the bottom to “continue reading”.

For your 2008 Viewing Pleasure, I present: Zombie Releases of the Impending Future

Diary of the Dead – May 6 (limited)
– Film Fest viewing, disappointment at Romero. So-so, not worth the hype.

Day of the Dead – April 8
– Direct to video, re-imagining/remake. Reserving judgment.

Zombie Strippers
– April 18
– Jenna Jameson. This is only here for the WTF factor. They actually made a trailer. YOU go look for it.

Invasion of the Not Quite Dead
– “Summer 2008 UK”
– Zombie alien plague. ‘Nough said.

– October 17
– Reporter and co, trapped in quarantined building with zombie lady. I fear yet another 1st person cam.

Dance of the Dead
– October 20
– Horror comedy in which high school losers save prom from zombies.

Dead Air
– “Winter 2008”
– Radio crew trapped in middle of zombie outbreak, receiving your calls.

Thank you, wiki. When all else fails, someone(s) will have compiled you a list.

This post is brought to you by UCSB, and their summer session class debut:
Comp. Lit. 186A Interdisciplinary Studies: Zombies

Comp. Lit. 186A Interdisciplinary Studies: Zombies
Session A
MWF 5:30-6:50 HSSB 1210
Instructor: Murphy

Few pop-culture icons of “the post-911” era are as ubiquitous as the zombie. From boxoffice smash hits to fantastic literature, from an anthropological puzzle to a philosophical concept, the zombie begs the questions: where does it come from, how did it come into being? It has thoroughly infiltrated our everyday language when, tired of dealing with “spam zombie computers,” we decide to go for a “zombie cocktail” which can easily turn anyone into a “zombie.” If anything, the zombie stands for the dead and the brain dead.
It embodies our relation to the dead and our fear of losing control and being controlled; it represents modern alienation at its worst, whether in the sweatshop or drooling in front of the TV. The goal of this course is to provide a socio-historical context as well as a critical framework in order to broaden our understanding of the zombie. We will resist zombification and stimulate our brains by critically investigating the phantasm we call the zombie. Our investigation will take us back to the 18th century, where in the plantations of colonial Haiti the first outbreak of zombies was recorded. We will examine the intersection of colonialism, slavery, and the highly industrialized sugarcane plantation as the breeding ground for the modern zombie. Then, we will follow the diverse mutations of the zombie from its first record on paper to its first projection on the silver screen, and beyond. Throughout the class we will try to maintain a tension between the way Haitians perceive the zombie in their own literature and in Vodou lore, and the American perception mediated through travelogues and film.


In my entire collegiate career, I have never wished to take a class more. I want to cry.

As a side note, anyone who enjoys zombies for more than their usual camp appeal, try “World War Z“. Elevating the genre to literature with a single volume. Highly recommended.

  1. Vicki says:

    I fail at calendar.
    In a modern standard solar calendar year, April comes before May.

    This has been brought to you by the newly chastened and chronologically inept.

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    Bookmarked. Please also consult with my website =).
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