“Crank 2” Pictures!

Posted: May 3, 2008 by Zee in Uncategorized
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(Vicki refuses to see “Crank 2”. This should give you an idea of how truly awful the first one was. I’m still going opening day. Jason Statham is teh sexxxy– S.)

  1. nullgnu says:

    1. In which Jason Statham gets directions from a zombie
    2. Jason Statham picks up his hos. Looks like this one got slapped ‘cross the face first
    3. Zombie hooker thinks she’s an airplane
    4. Mystery Mullet Man, Boozefest 2008
    5. Urban half naked do-se-do. The new extreme for urban ninjas
    6. Forgot my pants day?

    I believe these Crank photos support MY stance more than yours.


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